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Paul Rodriguez Jr (a.k.a "P-Rod") - NIKE SB Professional Skateboarder

"Skate Dreams" - On this episode of "The Passionate Few,'' I sit down with legendary professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr. a.k.a "P-Rod" to talk all about his journey from childhood dreamer to skateboarding superstar!  With his 10th signature model shoe on NIKE soon-to-be released, it's no secret that Paul has built an incredible legacy and inspired millions of people around the world in the process! So whether your at home relaxing, in the car driving or about to get a work out in, I hope you sit back, relax & enjoy this interview with skateboarding's golden boy! It is one hell of an inspirational story that is sure to leave you inspired, entertained & highly motivated to take your life to the next level! Be sure to subscribe, leave your reviews & know that I love all your guys support & can't wait till you guys see all the new interview to come...

As always - live strong, live with passion & I'll catch ya next time!

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