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Paul Rodriguez Sr - The Inspiring True Story of A Legendary Comedian!

""From Rags-To-Comedic Riches: The Whole Story!"

This amazing interview w/ legendary 'Latin King of Comedy," Paul Rodriguez, tells the story of how he took his dream of making people laugh for a living & made it a reality! Paul discusses his life story in-depth, starting all the way back to his humble beginnings growing up in Mexico & Compton, all the way to his rise in Hollywood as a major blockbuster star!  Its an incredible story loaded with gems about overcoming adversity that will 100% inspire you to take your life to the next level!...Just wait until you hear some of his incredible stories including:
- how he used to sleep in his car as a struggling comedian
- going from making $25 a night to making $1.2 million a year at age 28
- $30,000 shopping sprees at Toy's R Us for his family!

I am telling you - it is jam packed with wisdom! Get ready to be inspired with just how powerful passion can be to help turn your dreams into reality! Love all you guys who believe in our mission to inspire & empower the world! Thanks for listening in & STAY TUNED!!!!! ENJOY :)


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