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"The Passionate Few" is an interview series hosted by Omar Elattar, as he digs into the minds & lives of some of the most prolific figures in life, business & sports! to discuss all things passion, purpose & profit. Checkout any episode & you'll be sure to be inspired!

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Omar Sayyed - 8-Figure CEO of's Inspiring Story!

Enjoy this powerful interview w/ the CEO of, Omar Sayyed, as we discuss everything from his early childhood growing up in a non-entrepreneurial household all the way to how he co-Founded the #1 E-commerce business in his space! We also delve deep into what it takes to not only win in life & business starting from nothing, but also what it takes to build a world-class team, organization & culture to win! No matter where youโ€™re at in life, I assure you, youโ€™ll wanna watch it twice ( at least)๐Ÿ˜‰


Deep Work

Andy Frisella Podcast (The MFCEO Project)

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