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Mikey Taylor - How I Became A Pro Skater, $40 Million+ Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor!

In this episode we interview Mikey Taylor a pro skater and serial entrepreneur, he co-founded and sold Saint Archer Brewing for over $40 million and then lost his passion in life before re-finding it in real estate!


🔺Becoming a Pro Skater

🔺Later Started & Sold A Beer Company For Over $40 Million w/ His Partners In Only 4 Years

🔺 Lost His Passion In Life When His Career In Skateboarding Ended (Even After The Multi-Million Dollar Acquisition w/ Beer Company Because He Felt He Had No Purpose)

🔺 How He Re-Found His Passion In Real Estate & Became An Investor! (Plus practical tips for you on how to invest your money smart!)

Also includes how Mikey got out of that rough time & tried his hand at everything until he finally discovered his newfound Passion for Real Estate & actively decided to not only expand his already growing investment portfolio, but also create his own fund w/ Commune Capital - a real estate investment fund helping investors capitalize in cash flow real estate managed by accredited investors!

Mikey’s companies include Commune Capital, Villager Goods, Saint Archer Brewing, SOVRN Skateboards  and AVNI Intelligence.


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