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Andy & Scott - Owners of AFTERS Ice Cream

 “The Milky Bun Millionaire's Story” - This week I had the privilege of sitting down & interviewing the minds behind AFTERS ICE CREAM, Andy Nguyen & Scott Nghiem. We discuss their journey from being two regular dudes from Orange County with ZERO experience in the food game, to ultimately owning one of the fastest growing dessert restaurant chains in Southern California. They cover everything from how they opened up their first store on a whim, to some of their former experiences in entrepreneurship, as well as all the lessons learned along the way! It should also be noted that after only 2 and a half years in the business, these guys have already opened up their 10th store with more on the way. It’s an interview that will surely inspire you and shows the bite size steps the guys took to figure out how to leverage their passion for creation & make it all happen in a really big way! You're gonna leave this one feeling truly empowered, trust me. Enjoy!

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