The Passionate Few

"The Passionate Few" is an interview series hosted by Omar Elattar, as he digs into the minds & lives of some of the most prolific figures in life, business & sports! to discuss all things passion, purpose & profit. Checkout any episode & you'll be sure to be inspired!

Miguel Aguilar - From Homeless To 7-Figure CEO of SELF MADE Training Facility!

In this episode we dive into Miguel Aguilar story the CEO of Self Made Training Facility, Imagine going from homeless at 16, living in your car, being addicted to drugs & alcohol, having a father sentenced to 22 years in prison, raising yourself on the streets & even going bankrupt to ultimately becoming a SELFMADE.

With over 17 locations & growing to date, Miguel & his wife Autumn have managed to build one of the most exciting personal training franchises in the country. They created a phenomenon in the fitness industry with his revolutionary concept of instead of charging members a monthly membership like traditional gyms do, the couple managed to realize that perhaps there was an opportunity to cater exclusively to personal trainers. So, their unique model operates by simply charging those personal trainers a flat monthly fee in order for them to operate their own personal training business out of. This allows personal trainers to build their own business, earn over 6-figures doing so & also keep 100% of their profits!

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