The Passionate Few

The Passionate Few

"The Passionate Few" is an interview series hosted by Omar Elattar, as he digs into the minds & lives of some of the most prolific figures in life, business & sports! to discuss all things passion, purpose & profit. Checkout any episode & you'll be sure to be inspired!

Steve Sims - The Modern Day Wizard Of Oz

Enjoy this episode with Steve Sims the founder of Bluefish: the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.

Just some of the extraordinary experiences that Steve and his Bluefish team have made possible for his A-list clientele include:

  • Visiting the International Space Station
  • Taking a submarine trip to the Titanic
  • Becoming James Bond for a weekend in Monte Carlo
  • Hanging out and jamming with celebrity recording artists, such as Guns & Roses drummer Matt Sorum and playing guitar with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons
  • Taking private cooking lessons with the world’s finest executive chefs
  • Trekking on a luxury safari in the Amazon & Serengeti
  • Joining a filmed marine conservation expedition to the Pacific Islands
  • Heading out on the legendary Sardine Run in Southern Africa
  • Singing live on stage with legendary rock band Journey
  • Meeting and greeting renowned recording artists and celebrities
  • Enjoying a walk-on role on a hit TV show

Also check out his book: Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen

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