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"The Passionate Few" is an interview series hosted by Omar Elattar, as he digs into the minds & lives of some of the most prolific figures in life, business & sports! to discuss all things passion, purpose & profit. Checkout any episode & you'll be sure to be inspired!

Richard Montanez - Creator of "Hot Cheetos"!

"The Hot Cheetos Story!" - Ever wonder about the story of how Flamin Hot Cheetos was created by a janitor? We'll you're in luck! 

On this episode, we sit-down & hear the incredible true story of Richard Montanez, a former janitor at Frito-Lay who took destiny into his own hands when he decided to pitch the CEO of the company on his crazy idea! 

It's an amazing story told by the man himself, and it was a privilege to have Mr. Montanez share it with all of us! He turned down Oprah, but he gave me a shot & for that I'm truly grateful.

His story is amazing, inspiring & pure example of the unlimited possibilities we all possess as intelligent human beings!

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