My Mission

"Omar has always been a force of positive inspiration. He has always encouraged myself and others to achieve our goals, and has nurtured my character and accomplishments with humble praise and enlightenment. At times when I feel I am not able to spread light, I am confident in knowing that Omar is out and about inspiring others and making a change, in the positive ways I myself would encourage others." - Leona Collantes (Entrepreneur & Lupus Survivor)

"Not only has Omar been a great friend, but a bright influence in my life. He is a constant reminder of positivity and how far a Great attitude can get you in life." - Luis Ruiz 

"I met Omar doing Solar Power sales in Southern California and the guy had the most sales for the week in his very first week in the office. He was up the next week giving simple and sound advice on how he sold that helped me connect better with my customers and lead to my numbers increasing. We became friends and he has been an encouragement for all of my lofty ambitions in life. It's great to see somebody genuinely care about others succeeding." - Kevin Ferris

"Omar's determination, drive to excel and ambition has been a great motivator for me to continue to strive for the best, and growing my business to the highest level. Omar is a great individual that will be extremely successful in his life. Wish him all the best!" - Hytham Elsherif


Omar Elattar

I am driven by passion. I believe deeply in the powers of communication, both within myself & with others. I'm committed to being an example of human potential for people of all ages, starting with myself first. Nothing brings me greater joy then living a life doing what I love while simultaneously enabling others to do so through my contributions however big or small. It's all about truly living AND giving!


my purpose

My purpose is to synthesize the stories of some of the most accomplished people in society: from entrepreneurs to thought leaders, athletes to innovators, and athletes to doctors - I always wanna know the story. My purpose in learning these stories through interviews is to both inspire myself and my audience, but also to help share some of the most practical, straight-forward philosophies and approaches that many people have taken to accomplish such great things. Simply put: my goal is to simplify & humanize greatness.